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About the site

This site is dedecated to Danida's annual reports.

Since 2016, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will not publish a decidedly annual report, but will throughout the year publish selected results and highlights. In addition, you can find all numbers on  

On this site,, you find Danida's annual reports regarding the years 2010 onward.

Annual reports for previous years may be ordered on the website

In the 2013 Annual Report the minister's introduction is a video speech.

In connection with Danida's Annual Report 2013 a new site has been launched: Danida Open Aid.

The site compiles the latest data to provide information on three ODA parameters:

Organisations - Who are we supporting?
Sectors - What are we supporting?
Countries & regions - Where do we support activities

Supplementing this basic structure, we have chosen to include the time-dimension. In the upper left corner of any page, you can select the year of interest. will present the latest, completed year by default, but you can select current year as well. Information will be up to date – disbursement-figures reflects what was booked by midnight CET.

Thus, Open Aid is not just a new portal. It ensures continuity in the publication of information, previously found as tables and annexes to Danida’s Annual Report, and the “Program og Projekt Orientering” – an annual publication in Danish. In OpenAid this information is coherently presented, allowing the user to navigate and select the perspective of interest, and then study the detailed information of the selected part of the portfolio.

The opportunities are briefly described on each page, but should also be self-explaining: The same dimensions are available for cross reference at the lowest level of all entries in the navigation, providing the opportunity to alter perspectives – e.g. shifting from a display of the volume of assistance to one recipient country at the level of a specific purpose in the sector-dimension, to a display of the sector-distribution of the entire assistance to that country.