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How to find your way around Danidas Annual Report

The Minister for Development Cooperation has written the foreword.

You can get a quick overview of key events and activities in 2011 in both ”The story of the year's Danish development cooperation” and the timeline ”Highlights from 2011”.

The annual report provides a comprehensive overview of how the money for development cooperation was used in 2011. You can see this in ”Denmark's development cooperation in figures”, where the 2011 figures can also be compared with figures for the latest years.

Earlier annual reports contained a section on each of the Danish priority countries. Facts about the countries and information concerning development cooperation can now be read on the websites of the Danish embassies in the respective priority countries. You can access this wealth of material through ”Denmark's priority countries”.

If you want to go into depth with the hundreds of activities supported by Denmark in 2011 and the previous years, start your search in ”Programmer og Projekter” (in Danish only).

The annual report also includes a glossary and links to the website's information about Danida as well as The Danish Board for International Development Cooperation  and The Danish Council for International Development Cooperation.