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Get an overview of Danida’s Annual Report 2012

Annual Report 2012

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Foreword by the Minister for Development Cooperation

Development cooperation in 2012
    Danida 50 years: continuity and transparency 
    Broad backing for the new development policy strategy and Act 
    Strong multilateral cooperation and a focus on human rights 
    Continued focus on sustainable development and green growth 
    Development cooperation and growth go hand in hand: Africa, Asia and Latin America 
    Strong engagement in fragile states and conflict-affected areas
    Important cooperation with the EU and Europe’s neighbouring countries
    The year in pictures

THEME: Sexual and reproductive health and rights
    Sex education provided knowledge about sex and harmony in the family
    Lucy’s early pregnancy led to forced marriage
    Video reports from Mozambique
    Report: Mozambique making childbirth safer
    Report: Maternity waiting rooms help facilitate good births

Denmark’s development cooperation in figures
    Denmark’s bilateral assistance
    Denmark’s official assistance to developing countries divided into main categories
    Denmark’s development assistance as a percentage of GNI
    Denmark’s bilateral assistance 2012
    Denmark’s bilateral assistance to Africa 2012
    Denmark’s bilateral assistance to Asia 2012
    Denmark’s bilateral assistance to Latin America 2012
    Denmark’s bilateral assistance to Europe 2012
    Sector distribution of bilateral assistance
    Denmark’s multilateral contributions to international organisations
    Humanitarian assistance, by organisations 2012
    Humanitarian assistance, by countries and regions
    Disbursements to Danish NGOs’ development activities
    Danish NGOs’ self-financing
    Geographical distribution of Danish NGOs’ self-financed development activities 2012
    Suppliers of consultancy services
    Development research
    Progress in development assistance for selected OECD countries
    Debt relief
    Satisfactory goal fulfilment
    Fraud with Danish development assistance

Denmark’s priority countries

Programmes and projects
    Stability and protection – Whole-of-Government efforts in South Sudan launched in 2012
    Human rights and democracy – Women’s political participation in Jordan
    Social progress – Female genital mutilation – unacceptable pain
    Green growth - Harapan Rainforest Project in Indonesia


Organisation and glossary