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Women’s political participation
in Jordan

Amman: Parliamentary elections in Jordan 2010.
Photo: JNWC

The project, “Women’s Political Participation in Jordan”, aims to strengthen women’s involvement and active political participation at local and national level in Jordan, with particular focus on building their capacity to defend their own rights and securing improved conditions. This is achieved partly by strengthening the capacity of female municipal council members to participate in local politics in close collaboration with their constituency as well as by supporting the participation of women in professional networks in and outside Jordan.

The project is part of the Partnership for Dialogue and Reform and is led by KVINFO (Denmark’s national knowledge centre and research library for gender, equality and diversity). The project is based on an equal partnership between civil society organisations in Denmark and Jordan with the common goal of strengthening women’s participation in local politics. This project has a strong focus on human rights legislation and principles of non-discrimination, participation, transparency and accountability.

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    When South Sudan achieved independence in July 2011 after decades of civil war, Denmark moved in quickly with a comprehensive development and stabilisation programme.
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    Denmark supports the UN Population Fund (UNFPA)’s work to eradicate female genital mutilation/cutting (FGM/C). More than 120 million women have suffered FGM/C in Africa and Yemen, where the practice is primarily documented.
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    The Harapan Rainforest Project is supported by Danida through the Special Climate Change Fund’s Fast-Start Finance. The project aims to protect and restore approx. 100,000 hectares (an area twice the size of the Danish island of Bornholm) of rainforest in Sumatra in Indonesia – one of the most richly biodiverse and also one of the most endangered forest habitats in the world.