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Vietnam – from assistance to business

The Danish development cooperation with Vietnam began at a time when Vietnam itself adopted a new market-oriented policy. In the last two decades, the development cooperation has been reduced as Vietnam implemented its reform agenda. Bilateral trade between Denmark and Vietnam is growing. Exports are growing. 2014 also saw an increase in the number of Danish enterprises operating in the Vietnamese market. Therefore, the traditional development cooperation with the country will be phased out in 2015.Hear Denmark’s Ambassador, John Nielsen, talk about the vibrant entrepreneurial spirit and energy that pervades Vietnamese society. (Only Danish version)

Cocoa eradicates poverty


Nguyen Duc Canh is a war veteran. Listen to him talk about how cultivating cocoa helps eradicate poverty in Vietnam. Nguyen Duc Canh is one of the 375 farmers that Danida has supported in the Dak Lak province in central Vietnam. The project has trained 1,300 farmers. (Only Danish version)

Baskets weaved from weed plants have become a great success


Water hyacinths are spreading like weeds everywhere along the Mekong River in Vietnam. Whilst the local population may be fed up with the invasive weed plant’s rapid growth, it can be dried and interweaved to make baskets. With support from Danida, Truong Thi Cuong and 350 other women have obtained a regular income from basket-weaving. The baskets make a small but valuable contribution to Vietnam’s growing exports and are sold to the USA, Canada and the UK. (Only Danish version)

Mekong is Vietnam’s motorway


Visit the floating market an early morning along a small stretch of the 4,000 km-long Mekong river, where a significant part of Denmark’s development cooperation with Vietnam is concentrated. (Only Danish version)